Helping families be happy
No. of Pages : 225
ISBN: 9781939629951
Released : 5/6/2014

Wisdom for Dad

Advice for Dad—In 140 Characters or Less
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Book Description

Gone are the days of long, handwritten letters from father to son. Now, the most we can expect is a text, tweet, or Facebook update. By accessing the social web and the power of the dad crowd, Wisdom for Dad cuts through the clutter to deliver brief, witty pieces of wisdom.

Given that dads today communicate primarily via texts, tweets, and Facebook status updates, Wisdom For Dad features a compilation of more than 200 of the funniest, most inspiring, and notable posts geared toward today's generation of dads to help them as they journey through fatherhood.

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About the Author

Hugh Weber
Hugh Weber started DudetoDad.com as a genuine cry for help from an ordinary dude who wanted to be an extraordinary dad. He is currently in the third year of his Dude to Dad transition and lives in the...

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