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No. of Pages : 256
ISBN: 9781939629395
Released : 11/4/2014

The Lost Art of Ladyhood

12 Essential Tools to be Confident & Classy in a Crazy World
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Book Description

In a world where women and girls are constantly under attack from the media with photoshopped, airbrushed images and pop-stars that tell them all they need to do is party all the time, kiss a lot of boys, be a “mean girl” to gain popularity, max their credit cards to buy designer clothes, etc., The Lost Art of Ladyhood communicates the counterpoint to those of our teen pop stars. Happiness does not come from revealing all your skin, going clubbing every weekend where you get so drunk you don’t remember who you kissed, or maxing your credit cards just so you can buy the latest designer jeans. Happiness comes from living a life of character.

Teaching girls how to be ladylike has little to do with crossing your ankles and sipping tea correctly; it’s about giving them tools and skills they can use to serve others, to be grateful, to think positively, to set powerful goals, to protect themselves from toxic relationships, and to learn to love themselves enough to where they learn to love others. The Lost Art of Ladyhood is a road map for navigate your way to confidence, classy-ness, character, and learning the lost art of being a lady.


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About the Author

Jessie Funk
As a professional vocalist Jessie Funk has released five solo albums, published five books, toured thirty-six states with the Broadway musical “Footloose;” opened for Donny Osmond, Josh Grayson and Bi...

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