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No. of Pages : 341
ISBN: 9781939629579
Released : 4/28/2015

The Family Guide to Aging Parents

Answers to Your Legal, Financial, and Healthcare Questions
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Book Description

There are more than 43 million adults caring for their aging parents and family members in the United States alone. While some are about to enjoy retirement and the freedoms that come with a life well lived, the responsibility of caring for their aging parents is a key issue they unexpectedly face.

The Family Guide to Aging Parents is the complete guide to help the caregiver understand the issues and be prepared for the realities. Covering everything from legal issues to what to do when your aging parent still wants to drive, The Family Guide to Aging Parents provides clear counsel for giving loving care and enjoying life after retirement.


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About the Author

Carolyn Rosenblatt
Carolyn spent the majority of her 10 year nursing career caring for elders as a visiting nurse.  She is ed...

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