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No. of Pages : 192
ISBN: 9781945547256
Released : 9/5/2017

Fail Brilliantly

Exploding the Myths of Failure and Success
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Book Description

We all spend much of our lives trying to cope with failure; sometimes we try to assign value to it, but failure looms as a debilitating concept in millions of lives, affecting children and adults alike. Fail Brilliantly proposes a radical shift: erase the word and concept of failure from the realms of education and human endeavors. Replace it with new words and concepts. This shift in position has the potential to transform our lives and ultimately reshape our definition of success.

Praise for Fail Brilliantly

There are scads of self-help books on how to succeed, but I've never come across a single one on how to contend with not succeeding – which is more the form for practically everybody, right?

–Lionel Shriver

There is no magical formula for dealing with failure, but...this book provides you with the MOST useful tools to do just that. A resource that should find itself in the hands of any person who is serious about dealing with this thing we call failure.

-Peter Pretorius - one of the world's first paraplegic flight instructors

Vividly written and immensely intriguing. . . . I join Davidow and Williams in their outstanding effort to present failures as opportunities for continued learning and problem solving that can successfully combat the shame, anxiety, and blame that failing induces too readily in our society.

—Laurie Hollman, PhD, psychoanalyst and author of Unlocking Parental Intelligence: Finding Meaning in Your Child’s Behavior

About the Author

Shelley Davidow
I wasn’t exactly aspiring to be such a globe-trotter… in fact, I coveted stability, but living in diverse places has given me a far-ranging experience of humanity which is never a bad thing for a writ...

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