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No. of Pages : 184
ISBN: 9781938301131
eISBN: 9781938301148
Released : 7/15/2015

Dressing the Naked Hand

The World's Greatest Guide to Puppets, Puppetry, and Puppeteering
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Book Description

With tons of color photographs and over 2 hours of hilarious instructional videos, this is the perfect how-to book for all levels of puppetry skill, from beginners to master artisans. With instructions on making hand puppets, turning stuffed animals into puppets, building mechanical puppets, finding accessories, performing, inventing voices, building stages, and more, this is the most comprehensive book of its kind. And with jokes and puppet humor throughout, it’s not just a handbook—it’s a joy to read!

About the Author

Amy White
Librarian, puppet addict, unrepentant bibliophile, obsessive writer, and I still manage to fit in being a wife and a mother--albeit to two all-but-growns (late 20 year olds) and one little trailer chi...

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