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No. of Pages : 32
ISBN: 9781641702690
Released : 10/13/2020

Dear Moon

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Book Description

“We want to have a word with you!” Max shouts at the moon. “Face-to-face, man-to-Man in the Moon. We need you to stay where you are!”
Max and Ely are best friends, but each night the moon marks the passage of time, closer and closer to the day Ely will go to the hospital. But the determined friends have a plan: they’ll build a rocket, launch to the moon, and keep it from moving. In this poignant story of grief and healing, Max learns that time will keep ticking and loss is inevitable, but memories last forever, and the ones we love will always be with us, certain as the moon will wax and wane.

Praise for Dear Moon

"Tender, loving, and sad."
-Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Stephen Wunderli
Stephen Wunderli is the author of six books for children and young adults. He believes adventure is always the best medicine and that curiosity is the best teacher.

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