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No. of Pages : 208
ISBN: 9781641702676
Released : 1/5/2021

Body Positive

A Guide to Loving Your Body
Coming soon! Releases 1/5/2021
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Book Description

What does it mean to be beautiful? How can a girl embrace and develop her individuality and unique qualities when the world is constantly comparing her to the plastic perfection of Barbie?
Body Positive: A Guide to Loving Your Body is the number one resource for young adult women who desire to redefine and understand true beauty. Focusing on correct body image, self-improvement, thinspiration, mental health, bullying, sexual harassment, and more, Body Positive is packed with introspective questions and inspiring, un-retouched photographs that display the bodies of real, everyday women Body Positive is a helpful, informative and inspirational guide that will help any girl transcend society’s standards.

About the Author

Emily Lauren Dick
Emily Lauren Dick is a body image expert, who is committed to making girls feel comfortable in their own skin. Emily holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree in Women's Studies and Sociology from Wilfr...

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