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No. of Pages : 192
ISBN: 9781945547171
Released : 8/1/2017

A New Way for Mothers

A Revolutionary Approach for Mothers to Use Their Skills and Talents While Their Children Are at School
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Book Description

There is incredibly important yet untapped talent among mothers who have replaced career aspirations or creative outlets with family priority. Those women who have put their interests on hold to care for their children face a huge challenge in re-connecting with the professional world again in a way that recognizes their needs to continue to be available for their children.

This book will provide inspiration, encouragement, and a step-by-step approach for every mother wishing to engage their talents during the hours their children are at school. This book has strategies and tips for all aspects of life—from finding the right type of work to supporting your health—to help moms find purpose and balance through the crucial preschool years and beyond.

Praise for A New Way for Mothers

A true change maker!

—Global Invest in Her

About the Author

Louise Webster

Louise is a mother of 2 children (aged 9 & 6) and passionate about the p...

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