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Michael Smith

I love photography, baseball, and my family! My dad was an alcoholic and not much into his family. My mom raised my three brothers,two sisters, and me mostly by herself on a waitress's salary. We all struggled. I broke out of the welfare cycle by studying hard and getting a college scholarship. I went on to be an officer and pilot in the U.S. Air Force. I met my wife at 19 yrs old but we didn't marry until 6 years later. We had three kids and from the moment my first child was born, I had a burning desire to be the best dad I could be! My children all grew up to be wonderful people. Unfortunately, some of my sibling's and their children had teen pregnancies and difficult times. It was clear to me that good parenting, especially with a father in the home, was a tremendous advantage to children and something all kids deserve. I hope to help men be the fathers they could be, and most want to be. I now spend my time blogging and speaking about fatherhood (dadhood). When I relax I'll have a camera in my hand, baseball on the TV or radio, and/or spending time with my family!