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Fatherhood Books

Glad to Be Dad

Glad to Be Dad

A Call to Fatherhood

By Tim J. Myers
$ 17.95 (Print Book)

After staying home with his two sons for a year and his daughter since her infancy, Tim Myers knows all about being a stay-at-home parent. He knows the most effective cleaning products, which snacks to buy, ...
The Quotable Parent

The Quotable Parent

Advice From The Greatest Minds in History

By Joel Weiss
$ 14.95 (Print Book)

The power of quotations is universal. To have a glimpse into the wisdom of those who have gone before us is invaluable. With more than 300 unique quotations, The Quotable Parent shares thoughts, ideas, humor...
Living In The Trenches

Living In The Trenches

Successful Family Strategies from a Father of Nine (Yes, Nine)

By Christopher Robbins
$ 12.95 (Print Book)

Whether you have one child or twelve (do you really have twelve?), they seem to come prepackaged with their own personality. You wonder how much nurture is going into this nature and how you’ll ever survive ...
Muddling Through

Muddling Through

Perspectives on Parenting

By Bil Lepp
$ 12.99 (Print Book)

When I was asked to write this book it was not because I am an accredited child rearing expert. I have no degree, credentials or recognition as a child raising expert. I am a professional storyteller who occ...