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No. of Pages : 264
ISBN: 9781942934493
Released : 6/7/2016

A Land Twice Promised

An Israeli Woman's Quest for Peace
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Book Description

Israeli storyteller Noa Baum grew up in Jerusalem in the shadow of the ancestral traumas of the holocaust and ongoing wars. Stories of the past and fear of annihilation in the wars of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s shaped her perceptions and identity. In America, she met a Palestinian woman who had grown up under Israeli Occupation, and as they shared memories of war years in Jerusalem, an unlikely friendship blossomed.

A Land Twice Promised delves into the heart of one of the world’s most enduring and complex conflicts. Baum’s deeply personal memoir recounts her journey from girlhood in post­-Holocaust Israel to her adult encounter with “the other.” With honesty, compassion, and humor, she captures the drama of a nation at war and her discovery of humanity in the enemy. This compelling memoir demonstrates the transformative power of art and challenges each reader to take the first step toward peace.

Praise for A Land Twice Promised

In this touching and honest memoir, Baum shares the story of how her search for peace informed her life...Baum's genuine desire to make a difference may well inspire others to do the same. 
Publishers Weekly

Impressively well written, organized and presented, A Land Twice Promised: An Israeli Woman's Quest for Peace is a compelling, thoughtful and thought-provoking read.

—Midwest Book Review


Noa Baum has written a penetrating, introspective memoir that mines the depths of the chasm between the Israeli and Palestinian experiences, the torment of family loss and conflict, and the therapy of storytelling as a cleansing art. You will not think in the same way at the end of this captivating book as you did at the beginning.

—David K. Shipler, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Arab and Jew: Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land


A Land Twice Promised is more than a coming of age story; it is a coming to consciousness story by an Israeli woman who clearly loves her country. But because Noa Baum is a storyteller through and through, her love of country comes to be far more nuanced as she uncovers and starts to re-tell the story of her Palestinian friend. This beautifully written book helps us understand that truth is never black and white. Baum guides us though the shades of grey with love and wisdom.

— Rabbi Sid Schwarz, Senior Fellow, Clal: The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership and author of Judaism and Justice: The Jewish Passion to Repair the World


I couldn't put it down! This engaging book offers readers a riveting look into the back story, pivotal experiences, and creative process of a storytelling artist whose work sparks important political questions and encourages listeners' empathy for multiple points of view.

—Heather Forest PhD, Author and storyteller


A Land Twice Promised – An Israeli Woman's Quest for Peace is an extraordinary book. I hope it becomes a classic. It's beautifully written, funny, sad and mostly, it's powerful. If we could be as imaginative, compassionate and open as Noa Baum we would break down walls and find peace.

—Jay O'Callahan, Writer, Storyteller, NEA Recipient, commissioned by NASA


A Land Twice Promised is a real story of transformation. Of seeing the humanity in the other , and of realizing that we are destined to share this land otherwise we will just share more graves. For those who know little of Israel and its history, you will get a glimpse through the eyes of someone real, of just how complex life here is , of living through peace agreements which led to more bloodshed, of wars where no one won. But also of relationships that can be mended. I was left with a sense of hope.

—Robi Damelin, Spokesperson for International Relations, The Parents Circle- Families Forum


What makes a soulfully creative and compelling storyteller? I was struck by Noa Baum’s exceptionally well told journey. With her indomitable passion and spirit, she grows into womanhood in Israel, encompassing with exquisite compassion all the many forceful voices of her life.
—Hedy Schleifer, Director of Tikkun Learning Center


A memoir about coming of age emotionally and politically told as only a master storyteller could. Absolutely riveting!

—Ira P. Weiss, Ph.D., Jewish Islamic Dialogue Society


Noa is a storyteller, and her stories are not fictional fables but true living personal tales of a land twice promised. I was deeply moved to understand the tragic memories of the Jewish people and their longings for a safe homeland. But I also understand by personal experience the deep unjust sufferings of the Palestinian people and their humiliations, frustrations and hopelessness to the present day. Perhaps through such conversations and storytelling, there can be hope and peace. Highly recommended.

—Patricia Rantisi, Author of Miriam's Legacy and My Name Is Musa


Noa Baum is a masterful story-teller; and she has an important story to tell.  Her message is an inspiration and a pathway to all who yearn for peace.
–Gerda Weissmann Klein, Holocaust Survivor and Author of All but My Life


If you’ve wondered what the Israeli-Palestine conflict looks like on the ground, this account of growing up within it and arriving at peacemaking, will take you into the heart of understanding.

—Loren Niemi, Storyteller/Poet

About the Author

Noa Baum
I am a spoken word performing artist and now with this my first book, proud to be an author. The performing bug bit at a very early age, when my father improvised perfectly tailored music on the piano...

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