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No. of Pages : 224
ISBN: 9781942934042
Released : 10/13/2015

Unlocking Parental Intelligence

Finding Meaning in Your Child's Behavior
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Book Description

In Unlocking Parental Intelligence, long-experienced psychoanalyst, Laurie Hollman, PhD, encourages parents to find the significance behind their child’s behaviors by becoming “meaning-makers.” Parental Intelligence is explained through compelling and empathic story-telling that answers parents’ questions: “Why do children do what they do? “ “What’s on their minds?” “How can parents know their child’s inner world?"


Through a clear five-step approach, parents discover the power and wisdom of a new parenting mindset that helps them learn what their kids think, want, intend and feel. They see actions as communications. They are rewarded with open parent-child dialogue about the underlying problems hidden beneath the behaviors. As they problem solve, parents discover misbehaviors are not only meaningful, but a catalyst to change.


Parents and professionals alike will find a new parenting approach from this invaluable book that will reshape families’ lives and guide them through all stages of typical and atypical child development. This accessible read enlightens, uplifts, and relieves while cultivating critical thinking on the part of parents and children as they wrestle with the common, and sometimes desperate vexations of family life. 

Praise for Unlocking Parental Intelligence

"A notable feat...offering a window into the inner workings of the minds of parents and children. Clearly and beautifully written." 
Phyllis Beren, PhD, Co-Director, Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program, New York

"Laurie Hollman, PhD, masterfully makes strategies of Parental Intelligence our own as we learn to better understand our children."
—Kenneth R Ginsburg, MD, MS Ed., Professor of Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

"Dr. Hollman wisely encourages us to ask why, to listen with greater empathy, and look for the meaning in children's behavior."
—Kenneth Barish, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology, Weill Medical College, Cornell University

"Laurie Hollman, PhD, shows how children's troubled behaviors communicate. With talent, she illustrates parents helping children find their way out of impasses." 
—Myriam Szejer, MD, Child Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, Faculty of Medicine, University of Versailles-Saint Quentin En Yvelines 


About the Author

Laurie Hollman
I am a psychoanalyst with specialized clinical training in infant-parent, child, adolescent, and adult psychotherapy. I write extensively for parents about child development, mental health, Parental I...

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