Emotional Health Books



Training and Racing with a Family of 7

By Mette Harrison
$ 17.95 (Print Book)

From the personal tragedy of a stillbirth to an Ironman and beyond, author and stay-at-home mom of five children Mette Ivie Harrison learned life lessons about accepting herself, moving forward, pushing to b...
A Teen's Guide to Success

A Teen's Guide to Success

How to Be Calm, Confident, and Focused

By Ben Bernstein
$ 8.50 (Print Book)

The world’s teenagers have never been so challenged as they are today. The constant demands of parents, school, work, peers, social media, athletics, music. . .  has created a generation who, while trem...
Mothers of the Village

Mothers of the Village

Why All Moms Need the Support of a Motherhood Community and How to Find It for Yourself

By C.J. Schneider
$ 16.95 (Print Book)

So many mothers feel like something is out of joint, something is missing—and maybe the truth is that we’re all just missing each other.    C. J. Schneider found herself in the middle of a ...