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Lisa Sugarman

Hey, there! I'm Lisa Sugarman and I write books.
I'm also the mom of two girls, a wife of almost 25 years to my high-school sweetheart, a columnist, a coach, a runner, an avid paddle boarder, and a whole lot of other things. My true passion, though, is writing. And I love every chance I get to do it. I've been writing since I was five. And I knew, even way back then, that what I wanted most was to change the world through words. I write all sorts of stuff, actually ... from my nationally syndicated humor column It Is What It Is, to books on parenting to children's books. And I write them all with the same thing in mind ... to remind us all that life is a work in progress. And as long as we embrace that we're going to screw up, make mistakes, and lose our way, we'll live much happier lives in the end. I'm also a regular contributor on,, and Drop by my website to check out more of what I do. I love company.